Project 4

Project Description

Installed safety laser scanners to prevent injury.  The operators needed to be kept away from equipment during dangerous stages of the production process.  The laser scanners were able to be programmed to monitor a custom protection zone and warning zone.  Custom user feedback is provided through the use of a panel meter, a colored light tower and audible alarms.

Mechanical Design

Determined the best location for the scanner, its control box, and the light tower for each machine

Electrical Design

Designed a custom circuit board to control the colored light tower and audible alarms

Determined the best method of integrating the entire system with the existing emergency stop circuit

Installed safety relays and proper wiring to ensure that a failure of any piece of the equipment would result in the instant activation of the emergency stop

Wired each laser scanner into a control box containing all the relays, voltage converters, custom circuit boards, and wiring

Software Design

Programmed laser scanners to customize the settings and zones of each scanner, based on its surroundings

Wrote software for the custom circuit boards to control the colored light tower and audible alarms


Provided customer with full electrical wiring diagrams for every piece of the installed system


Customized fiberglass electrical enclosures with necessary openings and ports, for passing power and signal wires into and out of the box and for mounting the panel meter

Made a custom mount for one of the laser scanners to compensate for its unique environmental conditions

PCB Assembly

Populated all parts on the custom circuit boards.

Final Product Assembly

Assembled all mechanical and electrical components in-house

Worked with the client and other contractors to install all laser scanners and necessary control boxes on their machines

System Validation

Tested laser scanner systems extensively, both in-house and once they were installed, to ensure they were operating correctly

Tested to make sure the programmed laser scanner zones were appropriate for each environment and functioning properly

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