About Us



Have you ever climbed a mountain? The journey starts out new and exciting!  You plan out the trip, pack up all the necessary gear and supplies, gas up the car, drive out to a strange place that you have never been before, and then you start walking.  The trip has a destination, but the journey is lived one step at a time.  You will go through peaks and valleys.  Some days you wonder how you will ever go on, and others are invigorating from beginning to end.  In the end, if you persevere, your goal is reached and victory is yours!


At Solidified we look at each job as an opportunity to succeed, an adventure to be lived, and a mountain to be conquered!  Our primary purpose is to serve you as a guide through THE DESIGN PROCESS.  As a team, Solidified has climbed many mountains.  Our expertise gives confidence that we will get the job done well.  Our in-house equipment and our network of manufacturers enables us to get to the journey's end quickly.  We believe that your victory is our victory.



We exist to help you excel by supporting R&D and production through prototyping and instrumentation.  Our team and experience can provide coherent solutions with short lead times.

325C Markus Ct. - Newark, DE 19713 - P.O. Box 5614 - Newark, DE 19714  - (302) 757-5412  -  info@solidified3d.net