Project 5

Project Description

Created an automated quality control instrument to test the reliability of a  production device.  Various real-world conditions were simulated mechanically and controlled electronically and pneumatically, to ensure the device sensed and responded appropriately to each condition.

Mechanical Design

An air cylinder controlled by electric solenoid valves was used to simulate repeated linear movement, which was monitored by distance sensors on the device being tested

A fan was used to simulate rotation at varying speeds

Electrical Design

A Microchip PIC was used on a custom PCB to digitally control the operations of the quality control instrument

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) was used to adjust the fan to various specified speeds

Sent digital 24VDC signals to the device being tested to simulate other external sensors

Software Design

Designed software with C programming language specific to the Microchip PIC that was used

Programmed a continuous test cycle that could be left to exercise the device without being monitored by personnel

PCB Assembly

The custom PCB for controlling the testing apparatus was assembled, soldered, and programmed in-house

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