Here is an example of what we normally do for a TURNKEY SOLUTION.  A chemist has a great idea about how to create a new hair strengthening product, but they need to be able to do an experiment that holds the hair in an exact orientation, and hold temperature and humidity constant.  This way they can eliminate variables in their experiment and get real data about their idea.  The chemist has no expertise or resources to actually design and construct the needed test fixture.  We can help by  making the chemist aware of what is already available to help with their experiment, designing the fixture, constructing the fixture, housing and insulation of the experiment from the outside world, and temperature and humidity sensors and controls.  When we deliver our test fixture the chemist can then do their experiment with efficiency, accuracy, and confidence.


Some examples of how we normally help with just a PIECE OF A PROJECT are adding a tapped hole in a custom location on a reactor bowl flange, adding a counter or a timer to an already existing instrument, or adding sensors to an old piece of equipment so that it can collect data digitally.


Our services also work very well for assisting in QUALITY CONTROL in a PRODUCTION environment. Retro-fit systems for production equipment, automated test equipment for completed custom circuit boards, and fixtures to streamline component assembly are just a few examples of what we can do to help your production process.


We can also REVERSE ENGINEER old pieces of equipment.  There is plenty of outdated equipment out there.  Often that equipment is unique and therefore not replaceable.  It is also possible that the manufacturer has gone out of business, and therefore you can’t get any technical support.  When that equipment breaks down it can be very difficult to repair it.  We are capable of making replacement parts and often upgrading your equipment so that you can keep “old faithful” working perfectly.

Mechanical Design

Electronics Design

Reverse Engineering Old Equipment

3D Modeling

Professional Documentation

Conventional Prototyping (machining, welding, sheet metal fabrication, plastic molding, rubber molding, etc.)

Rapid Prototyping (FDM, SLA, PolyJet, DMLS, SLS, etc.)

We can provide you with a full turnkey solution or we can help you with just a piece of your project.  Solidified has what it takes to get the job done!


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