Project 3

Project Description

Assisted in redesigning a fixture used for final quality testing of custom circuit boards.  The fixture holds a row of electrical connectors in a custom 3D-printed housing designed to securely hold each connector at the appropriate location and height needed to join with it's mate on the board to be tested.  The board to be tested plugs into the fixture and is held securely in place. Through the connectors, the board receives power and signals which simulate its real-world use, enabling the operator to easily ensure that the circuit board is constructed and assembled correctly.

Mechanical Design

Used SolidWorks to create a full 3D model to ensure that everything fits together well, including the mating connectors

Used SolidWorks to create a full 3D model of the circuit board, relevant connectors, the 3D-printed connector enclosures, and the plastic frame that holds the entire assembly

Used a plastic frame to reduce the risk of static discharge affecting the exposed circuit board

Electrical Design

In this case, all electronics were provided by the customer


Machined a stable frame out of three pieces of acetal resin

Rapid Prototyping

Used a 3D SolidWorks model and FDM 3D printing to quickly and easily manufacture the complicated shape of the connector enclosure

Final Product Assembly

Assembled all parts in the shop, then delivered full assembly to customer

System Validation

Worked with customer to install the fixture and test it with one of their circuit boards, ensuring it performed as desired

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