Project 1

Project Description

Converted a conveyor system with four rolls that was driven with a single servomotor at one end, to one driven with two servomotors with speed reducers, connected to a Galil motion controller.  Three sensors provided the necessary feedback to maintain the proper level of tension in the system.

Mechanical Design

Redesigned the existing frame to accommodate the additional servo, speed reducers, and necessary safety guards

Designed a stable mount for the sensors

Redesigned two of the rolls to use a "quick-change" system, in place of the standard bearings, for greatly increased ease of use

Electrical Design

Installed additional indicator light next to operating panel

Integrated 2 additional sensors into the system

Software Design

Wrote a custom Galil program to fully control every step of the operating process, and display useful feedback to the operator

Developed equations to modify the conveyer speed and acceleration, based on feedback from the sensors


Modified the existing frame to add the new hardware

Fabricated mounts for new sensors and servomotor, as well as a safety guard

Final Product Assembly

Installed all new parts on the machine

System Validation

Used the feedback from the Galil program to test the new system thoroughly, ensuring it was performing as desired

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