We exist to help you excel by supporting R&D and production through prototyping and instrumentation.  Our team and experience can provide coherent solutions with short lead times.


No matter what field you are working in, R&D is where new ideas take shape.  Often this area of work requires researchers to work outside of their realm of expertise.  Designing custom instruments, machining all types of materials, designing and manufacturing custom electronics for controls and data collection, rapid prototyping with 3D printers, and molding plastic and rubber are areas that we can offer our expertise to help you reach your goals.


When actually producing a product you must strike an elegant balance of working safely, maintaining a quality product, and being efficient through the whole process.  Often this requires fixturing, custom tooling, and custom quality control equipment to ensure consistency and reliability.  We can help you develop the tools that you need to keep your production producing high quality and profitable products.


Everyone has a really old piece of equipment that simply cannot be replaced.  The manufacturer has gone out of business, and replacement parts are not available anywhere.  We are able to study the machine, diagnose the problem, and often make replacement parts to get things up and running again.  We are also able to retro-fit old machines with new controls and new data collection equipment.


You have an idea for a new consumer product?!  You are going to make millions on your idea?!  OK.  Where are you going to start?  We can help you through the entire process.  Researching the market, protecting your idea, developing your product, getting it manufactured, and helping you with materials and contacts so that you can actually sell the product.  There is a lot to do and we are ready to help your product be a huge success!

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